Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Many digital marketing agencies in Costa Rica specialize in capturing leads for service sales or direct clients for E-commerce. But selling houses online in Costa Rica can be a challenge. However, with an effective digital marketing strategy, you can reach the target audience more precisely and persuasively. Investing in a house is no small matter, therefore, it is very important to gain 100% trust from your audience.

Fail-Safe Tactics to Convert Leads into Clients

Here we present a list of different tactics that work very well to obtain leads with more purchase intent:

  1. Attractive and Functional Website: The website will always be the centerpiece of any digital strategy. It should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and responsive, as many users will be searching for properties on their phones. Without a website that meets all these criteria, users will not trust your company, they will think it’s a scam, and they will move on to the next option.
  2. Quality Content and SEO Optimization: Generate useful and relevant content. This may include articles, guides, videos, and virtual tours of the properties. Remember not to focus on sales content, as this makes the audience feel harassed. You can advise on financing options or tips on the lifestyle offered in the condominium.
  3. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising: Use Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads to reach potential buyers. You can target the audience with interests related to home buying, manage a range of 7 to 10 interests in the targeting, no more than that. Keep Awareness and Likes campaigns active in parallel with Traffic and Leads campaigns. The reach of the former will make the page relevant and give you better results in the latter.
  4. Email Marketing: It is always good to create an email list of potential clients interested in buying properties in Costa Rica, to send them newsletters, updates on new properties, and progress of the work. It also works for sending Open House invitations and other activities that help showcase the condominium.
  5. Collaboration with Influencers: It often works to collaborate with local micro-influencers or real estate agents who resonate with the audience you want to target. This helps expand reach and credibility. Generate collaborative posts and stories to automatically appear on both the influencer’s profile and yours.
  6. Tracking and Retargeting: Use tracking and retargeting tools to show ads to people who have visited the website or interacted with posts on social networks, thus keeping the brand top of mind for potential buyers. And persuade them to increase trust and eventually convert into leads.
  7. Testimonials and References: The most important thing for the user is to see the opinion of people like them. Request testimonials from satisfied customers and promote word-of-mouth referrals. Reputation and trust are crucial in the real estate market.

Following these tips, it will be much easier to obtain effective leads. However, these strategies should not work in disorder. For that, it is necessary to have a clear marketing funnel.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Funnel in Costa Rica

An effective funnel to work in the real estate market must be designed to attract potential clients interested in buying properties, nurture their interest, and convert them into satisfied customers. Here’s an example of what this real estate marketing funnel could look like:

1. Awareness Stage:
  • Creation of educational content about the market, highlighting the advantages of investing in the properties you offer.
  • Publication of Awareness ads on social media and search engines targeted to your audience.
2. Interest Stage:
  • Offering more detailed content about the properties in your condominium, such as virtual tours, high-quality photos, showcasing amenities, and complete descriptions.
  • Organizing webinars or virtual events on how to determine eligibility for financing options.
3. Consideration Stage:
  • Providing personalized consultations about purchasing options, done through more direct contact with the client, either via social media chat, phone call with the sellers, or WhatsApp Business.
  • This is where you can share testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased properties in your real estate project.
4. Decision Stage:
  • Offering special incentives, such as royalties on furniture, appliances, or home finishes. Or any other additional service, such as financial advice for potential clients ready to buy a property.
  • Facilitating the purchasing process by providing pre-qualification assistance and also with documentation and legal formalities.
5. Post-Sale Stage:
  • Providing excellent customer service after the sale, addressing questions and concerns, also providing assistance with moving if necessary.
  • Requesting testimonials and feedback from satisfied customers to build your reputation and generate word-of-mouth referrals. Or some referral program where the client earns something for bringing in a new customer by recommendation.

By designing and executing a real estate marketing funnel tailored to the Costa Rican market, you can maximize your marketing efforts and increase the chances of success in selling properties in condominiums in this country. Remember that trust is what needs to be worked on the most and what is said about your product on social media has more impact than what you post yourself.


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Real Estate Marketing Strategies

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