How to Save the Image of a Brand in Danger?

To explain one of the ways in which the image of a brand with a poor reputation can be saved, we will use one of our success stories. This time we want to talk about a real estate project in the metropolitan area of Costa Rica.

This project had problems with its image perception due to administrative situations. The previous administration made a series of mistakes that damaged its image, and the new administration wanted to reposition the brand to save the product they were selling.

Navigating the Storm: Addressing the Challenges of a Brand in Crisis

The brand problem:

The previous administration of this real estate company had made a series of mistakes that generated distrust in the public, and the annoyance of customers who were already involved at that time. There was even a strong media attack against this initial brand, and some legal processes had become public knowledge. A new administration bought the company and needed help to do a re-branding that would help save the company and its product.

The marketing challenge:

The biggest challenge was to eliminate the bad opinion held against the previous administration and make it clear that the company now belonged to another conglomerate. It was necessary to increase confidence in the product itself, which was very good. This real estate company was offering houses that were much better than others being built in the area.

Moreover, it was a real estate project that needed to sell faster than normal, as it had been a long time since some of the houses were constructed and the land movements continued without selling. It was necessary to move the product forward before it presented problems due to the passage of time that would require extra restoration costs.

On the other hand, all this occurred prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this event arrived just at the moment of implementing all the planned strategies. So, it was necessary to adjust some of these tactics to the circumstances of the quarantine.

Renovation and Reinvention: Key Strategies for Brand Resurrection

These are the solutions that were implemented:

  1. Rebranding: The image of the new brand under which the new administration wanted to work was developed. For this, a new logo and a completely different brand image from the previous one were developed. Warm colors were used that were friendly to the public in the area with a more tropical culture. And a brand manual was established that detailed everything from image use to the social script for attending to people carefully.
  1. Alliances: The new administration worked in alliance with a construction company that had a good reputation and renown in the industry. Additionally, another solid alliance with a respectable bank in the country was maintained. All of this was detailed in the communication and worked on a link-building level to make it more credible.
  1. Digital Tools: A very comprehensive website was developed that had updated photographs of the project, the copy used language that was close and friendly to the public, but without losing the serious and professional tone. It even included multiple direct contact forms to the salespeople and a 3D tour experience of the project and the model houses so that people could see it from home during the pandemic.
  1. Leveraging Social Media: The strongest point of this strategy in quarantine times was social media. For this, a strong investment in paid advertising was made on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. With a landing page that allowed scheduling an appointment automatically to regulate the crowd in the project. The campaigns were carefully segmented, starting with reach and brand recognition objectives to grow the follower count, before continuing with lead generation.
  1. Partnerships with Reliable Influencers: We worked with influencers who were well-known both on social media and on major national television channels. This helped to somewhat counteract the negative media campaign against the previous brand. Additionally, interviews with satisfied customers were conducted, where these TV presenters talked with the customers so that ordinary people could speak about their positive experience with the product.
  2. Virtual Events: Virtual Open House events were held where tours were given of the model house and condominium, and there were constant Livestreams throughout the weekend featuring interior design professionals, financial advisors for purchasing homes, and recreational activities available in the condo’s amenities to showcase the lifestyle offered.
  3. Physical Events: As the pandemic situation eased, the population was vaccinated, and government measures were relaxed, these events continued periodically but in person. Events were even held where people who had already purchased their home could participate, such as entrepreneur fairs and outdoor activities for families.
  4. Content Not Solely Focused on Sales: The educational content implemented focused on financial literacy, procedures for obtaining loans, partnerships with banks, financing systems, and overall product-price advantages that served to demonstrate the seriousness of the project.

Triumph in Adversity: Evaluating the Impact and Achievements of the Strategy

Results of the entire strategy:
  1. Sales went from 0 houses per month to an average of 6 houses sold per month solely through the efforts made in events and on social media. Facebook was the largest source of customers who bought in these houses.
  1. A total change in the public’s perception of the project, to the point where people understood the difference in the change of administration and many showed appreciation for everything that was being done.
  1. The houses managed to sell out completely and the project is about to finish its last phase of construction and sales to be considered a delivered and consolidated real estate project.
  1. The companies that bought the brand managed to recover their investment and generate extra profits.
By combining the use of digital strategies with correct investment to be able to sell products like a house on social media, not only was a better perception of the brand achieved, but the project was sold with greater success than expected.


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