Apple Vision Pro and the Future of Marketing

Apple recently launched its new product, the Apple Vision Pro. These immersive experience glasses combine the best of virtual reality with augmented reality, allowing users to stay connected to their surroundings. This product offers several advantages over AI headsets released by other companies and will enable numerous opportunities for marketing and sales. Here, we’ll briefly outline the features of this product and the advantages it offers for enhancing your customers’ shopping experiences.

Exploring the Apple Vision Pro: Features and Unique Capabilities

First, let’s explain the features of this product:

  1. VisionOS: This new operating system works with commands that combine eye movements with finger movements to use different tools and widgets, as well as web browsing and app usage.
  2. Eye Contact: The Vision Pro visor has a screen that replicates the user’s eyes, allowing them to remain aware of their physical space and the people around them. Users can see their surroundings, and others can see their eyes. Additionally, it reacts to light to adapt and displays augmented reality applications in the user’s physical space.
  3. 3D Camera: The integrated 3D cameras in this visor allow users to take photos and videos by interpreting spatial depth, creating videos and photos with a more detailed sense of reality. It reads the environment and detects the dimensions of the space and objects around.
  4. Environments: If users want to isolate themselves from their surroundings, they can create an environment with predefined settings to make the experience of watching a movie, reviewing photos, or even attending FaceTime calls more immersive.

Source: Apple

  1. Safari: The web browser is available on this operating system, allowing users to work and visit websites using the same augmented reality system and scale windows and text to fit their physical space. Additionally, it protects eye movement tracking data to prevent websites from tracking what users are reading or viewing on the web.
  2. Spatial Audio: The sound system of the Vision Pro is installed on the sides of the visor and directs sound directly to the user’s ears. It also analyzes the physical environment to create a sound illusion that makes users feel like the audio is coming from their actual surroundings, even during video calls.
  3. Device Compatibility: It can be connected to a Mac, allowing users to project the desktop into space to scale it to a more comfortable size and make it easier to navigate. Additionally, users can connect a keyboard and trackpad for navigation, and it also supports dictation for typing messages or emails.
  4. High Resolution: The visor features a Micro OLED system, fitting 64 pixels into the same space where a phone stores only 1 pixel. This means users will have a 4K resolution for each eye.
  5. Avatars: The same 3D recognition system allows users to scan their face to create an Avatar that reacts with the same expressions. This avatar can be used in video calls.

Source: Apple

Capitalizing on the Future: Advantages of the Apple Vision Pro in Marketing and Sales

The points mentioned are just some of the features of the Apple Vision Pro. The only disadvantage is its high price, $3499, making it less accessible to a wider audience. However, Apple will likely reduce the costs of this product to make it as widespread as an iPhone eventually.

This timeframe gives us the opportunity to prepare to leverage this technology and respond to the commercial revolution this device will represent. The three major advantages are as follows:

  1. Immersive Product Trials: Companies can create immersive experiences where customers can see how any product will look once installed at home. For example, in the real estate market, virtual reality can show how a building will look based on the desired design.
  2. Online Shopping Experiences: Virtual stores can be adapted to allow customers to visualize products in 3D and complete purchases directly from the visor using eye commands or finger gestures. Virtual sales assistants can also be implemented.
  3. Trade Shows and Events: Events like fairs, open houses, expos, and other marketing activities can take place in a fully immersive virtual environment, allowing attendees to navigate virtual booths without leaving home.

These are just some ideas for utilizing a product like the Vision Pro and it’s essential to consider them to be prepared to implement them when this product becomes widespread.

Source: Apple


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